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Disposable Pastry Bags

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4.8 stars - (8 reviews)

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Disposable Piping Bag Review Repeat buyer. No problems! :) 100% satisfaction.
By The Bakery Fairy, Fairyland on March 15, 2017
Very good! I was expecting a dispenser.

The bags came as a bundle.

By Ser, MA on October 16, 2016
Great Price For far to long, I've been using smaller disposable pasty bags. I needed to up my order to get free shipping, so I decided to try the larger bags. Much easier to work with. The price is also reasonable. My order came in quickly and without any issues. Happy to do business with BakeDeco.com
By Mdurigan, florida on May 12, 2016
10" inch disposable pastry bags This product was exactly what I was looking for, ordering was simple and order arrived in a timely order.
By Marion Thompson, Oregon on October 25, 2015
Pastry bag I love the pastry bag but I didn't receive the dispenser. I was wondering do I need purchase dispenser too ?
By Yoko nelson, Oklahoma on October 13, 2015
Well worth the money Nice pastry bags and great quality
By Baker Mom, VA on July 18, 2013
Miss dispenser box The bag is fine but I was surprised and dismayed to not have it come in the dispenser box as it did in my last order. I have ordered again and this time they arrived in the dispenser box which is soooooooo much better. Thanks!
By Valerie Whalin, CA on July 12, 2013
Disposable pastry bags Very good quality. Easy to use and quick to get off of the package of bags.
By Wendy Lee Stewart, Florida on May 7, 2013