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Ateco Large Spiral Dipping Tool

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Ateco Large Spiral Dipping Tool It worked great. Can't wait to use it again when I do peanut butter Easter eggs. I used it this time for peanut clusters. Very nice tool.
By AUDREY MILLER, Pennsylvania on April 28, 2021
Large spiral dipping tool Adequate
By Susan Gerardo-Stewart, Virginia on January 20, 2020
Not bad, could be better Not a bad product, but it is very flexible past the handle and gets bent unintentionally quite often. My biggest concern is that it will break quickly with regular use. I am still on the search for a more durable dipping tool.
By EO, Maryland on January 4, 2015
The best dipping tool for truffles by far! I make truffles very frequently, and even created a 50 page free gourmet chocolate cookbook on my website with mostly truffle recipes. I already owned two spiral dipping tools (which are the best shape for dipping hemispheres of chocolate ganache) but decided to try this one out, too. It is incredible! It holds the ganache perfectly, dips easily, and places the dipped chocolates back on the waxed paper perfectly. Bravo! The best by far.
By Hank Friedman, California on August 12, 2013