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Chocovision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine, 1.5 Lb. Capacity, 110V

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4.6 stars - (9 reviews)

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Didn't work for me I had the same bad experience as a lot of the reviewers from Amazon. I wish I had read them before buying this machine. I couldn't get tempered chocolate from this machine at all. I tried Callebaut, Trader Joe's and grocery store chocolate. I can temper them all by hand but not in this machine I talked to Chocovision but none of their suggestions worked. I bought this from Chocovision. They have a no refund policy. I didn't see that before I bought this. I hope this review helps.
By Rose, AR on June 10, 2020
Very good This new machine I purchased is so much better then my old one. It seems to melt the chocolate faster, and it seems to run a little quieter.

Very pleased with this one.

By Granilu, California on December 9, 2016
Awesome! Love my mini tempering machine, takes the stress out of tempering chocolate perfectly. One thing though, do not put the plastic cover in the dishwasher, I did and it's damaged.
By Msluxlife, NY on February 25, 2015
Very happy This machine is perfect for what I need it for. No more tempering chocolate with my hand. Why didn't I know there was such a machine years ago?
By Cbowe, Alberta on December 9, 2014
Shiny chocolate but a few snafus This little machine really tempered the chocolate and our hand dipped chocolates are shiny, shiny, shiny. The emphasis here is on little. It melts enough for one "dipper" but can't keep up with several. When we added the seed chocolate some of it always got trapped one one side so it was messy. I am glad I bought it though, as the chocolate was perfect.
By Lynda, Idaho on December 3, 2014
My best kitchen investment in years!! I am thrilled with the quality of construction of this machine. I just finished making two dozen perfectly tempered and shiny chocolate cake collars, chocolate curls, and flower designs with the aid of the Mini Rev. Without having to fuss over keeping chocolate in temper on my stove, I was able to do everything in half the time and the results were gorgeous. I am in love with the Mini Rev!
By Ann Marie Thiessen, WA on November 28, 2014
Just What was Needed I purchased this for my wife because she does chocolates as a hobby. This is much easier and more controlled than what we was trying to do by self tempering. Her chocolates are better now and we don't have to worry about the set.
By Shaun, AR on May 21, 2014
MAKE CHOCOLATE IN A JIFFY Tried making chocolate prior to getting machine what a disaster. Bought this machine and read directions within an hour of unpacking machine I was pouring chocolate into moulds. The end product was absolutely perfect and so easy.
By DPG, New York on April 19, 2014
Fantastic Chocolate Tempering Machine What a great machine! The chocolate is perfect when using this machine!! What a great invention. So easy to use and fast perfect chocolate for molding.
By Mona, Illinois on January 12, 2014