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Fat Daddio's Polycarbonate-Stainless Magnetic Mold, Angled Oval, 18 Cavities

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Fat daddio magnetic molds I have three shapes and love them. Strong magnets. Well made. Easy to clean. Most importantly easy to use with transfer sheets
By Donald M., AZ on July 6, 2019
Nice product Bought a couple to try, have had used magnetic molds from another manufacture where the base was also polycarbonate but after time had magnets wanting to pop out. I used them a couple times while i still had favorable conditions to do chocolate work. They worked great. I kinda wonder or worry if i will somehow bend the metal base in the future? Since then i have bought a couple more and am waiting for cooler weather. I enjoyed the price also compared to the others. Also i plan to invest in other shapes of these. I would recommend them
By Edelwiess, New Jersey on August 16, 2016
Perfect! Exactly what I wanted!
By Andrea, MI on September 9, 2014
Oval Tranfer Mold Love the mold, depth is great for flavorful fillings. Very attractive.
By Michal Loves Chocolate, Michigan on May 14, 2013