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Production Cookie Cutting Sheet, Round 1-1/2"

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Genius invention! This cookie cutting sheet has got to be one of the best ideas in the baking in a while! The process of cutting up anything that you're baking into small circles takes no time at all. I would definitely recommend this product.
By Joey, Illinois on October 25, 2019
Cuts prep time I needed a way to make multiple 1.5 inch short bread cookies. I was delighted to find this cookie punch. I have used it as a press and also cut the dough by laying the dough on top and using a rolling pin to cut the dough. The cookies fall through easily onto the baking sheet. No more individually cutting out each cookie and then placing them one by one onto the cookie sheets. This has saved so much time. Love it!
By Linda, AL on July 11, 2019
flimsy build space between too much and require much effort to collect scrap. the sheet is not strong enough too.
By gordon, oversea on October 14, 2016
Owner/YUMMY!! First I'd like to thank you for having created this invaluable product!! I needed something that would cut several cookies at once, so I asked around (locally) to see if a product could be made. I was told, sure, but to the tune of NO LESS than $3,500 upto and including $10K!!! Then enters BakeDeco!! I love the fact that I can cut several cookies at once which saves time & money as I bake out of a commercial kitchen, and was previously hand pressing each (mexican wedding cake) cookie--the size of a quarter!!! I have however found it cumbersome because of it's size, and it's hard to roll dough in the dimensions of the cutter. I am thinking of cutting it , perhaps in fours so that it will fit the width of dough, and since I will have someone or others helping me, we can each have a section of the cutter and cut away!!:) All in all it's a GREAT invention. Many Thanks!!
By J.Wheat, Indiana on May 13, 2014