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Martellato Polycarbonate 3D Magnetic Chocolate Mold, Egg, 28 Cavities

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Finesse required! I've used this mold twice.

Things I learned:

1. The surface of the bottom plate must be scraped clean immediately and thoroughly -- with attention paid to the alignment pins -- or the top plate will not fit well when capping off.

2. Tempered dark chocolate is too viscous to flow well when capping these molds around a mounded center. I found thinning it with cocoa butter (1:10 ratio worked well) and using a depositing funnel to be the most effective way to get it done. I did not need the filling template piece for this.

3. Some finesse is required to get a nice blunt end without a discernable flat face on the egg where you capped it off. I have not mastered this yet. I'm thinking the best route may be to pan the finished product like a dragee rather than attempt to fill the mold to the absolute perfect level. Hand polishing/trimming worked, but was labor-intensive.

The eggs are a nice one/two bite size. I thought they were on the small side at first, but have come to appreciate them as being about the size of a small bonbon. They're big enough to fill and small enough to be mostly guilt-free.

By Daniel S, Mass. on February 24, 2015