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Silver Dragees 5mm

For cake decoration only

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Silver draggies So beautiful excellent product well done
By Carmen Su, AZ on January 8, 2022
Great quality Great quality product but I feel they should be called Chrome beads cuz they are very shiny I highly recommend them makes your cakes look expensive
By Ruben Vela, TX on January 27, 2018
Real Silver Colored Dragees My mom always decorated cookies with silver dragees but in the past dozen years I wasn't able to find them in the store. A co-worker brought some cookies in that had true silver colored dragees and pointed me to your website. Thank you, my Christmas cookies will look better now.
By Sannjo, CA on January 5, 2017
Dagrees on Line Purchased these to decorate spritz Christmas tree cookies. Had gotten some previously, but they were too small. These are the perfect size for the top of my butterly cookie trees. They are very shinny which is what I wanted. The Wilton dragrees are a dull silver color. You cannot buy these in the stores in the US, but are plentiful on line.I was very pleased with the product and service.
By Nancy Moore, CA on February 25, 2016
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