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Gold Dragees 10mm

For cake decoration only

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3.2 stars - (4 reviews)

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Very Disappointed The photo is not what it looks like. I was expecting these beautiful shiny gold dragees. When I got them they looked like giant dull gumballs. I purchased these to use on my wedding cake. The description said that they were edible, the ones I got had a giant label saying not edible. I attempted to return the cost to return was more then what I paid. I just ended up throwing them away.
By Sarah, TX on June 3, 2017
10 mm dragees cake beauty These 10mm gold dragees looks beautiful but they are inedible I bought 2 boxes for a wedding cake and couldn't use them because I was afraid everyone would break their teeth , seriously scared to use them and they aren't cheap,would have been sued if I used them and broke everyone's teeth..
By Ashley, Florida on May 4, 2017
Color not metallic like picture Color is not what's pictured and color is chipped off a lot of them
By Tori, Georgia on October 24, 2015
Gold dragees Not as shiny as I was expecting.
By Sue Lombardo, Texas on August 21, 2015
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