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RSVP International SINK-4 Endurance Large Sink Strainer

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5 stars - (5 reviews)

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LOVE IT!! I love my kitchen sink strainer!!! No more clogged sinks... why aren't these standard on all sinks?! the stainless is shiny, stamped and never rusts. I want in some of these for my bathroom sink drain, but can't find them anywhere. I ordered the smaller sink strains from this site and one fits the bathtub drain, but the other didn't fit any drain. RSVP, I wish you'd make a similar product for 1" bath drains too. Every few months my bath sink backs up and I have to go in and clean out all the hair and gunk that gets in there. Thanks for making wonderul stamped stainless products.
By Mari, New York on June 15, 2017
WONDERFUL ! I had purchased one of these while on vacation and had to search the internet to find more. My daughter HAD to have one for her kitchen sink (million dollar house), and I ended up buying several for others. Very nice looking and works well. I highly recommend it.
By Diane, VA on September 16, 2015
Bashy Schwimmer handled everything perfectly The product was back ordered. That small inconvenience was handled well by staff. The strainers work well and are of high quality.
By Bill Crocker, California on August 21, 2015
Your search is over! I've been looking for this for ages. I didn't know this was available until I saw it in a beach condo. I couldn't find it in any home stores. They didn't have a clue what I was talking about. My web search began. Bakedeco.com came to the rescue. It perfectly fits my kitchen sink drain to prevent food particles from getting stuck in the drain. Great product and customer service!
By Deb, Alabama on July 1, 2015
Perfect sink strainer Found this on the net and I have given a set to my daughter. One got lost and I surprised her with a new set of 2. The only one on the market worth buying.I could sell these door to door!Awsome
By nancy boswell, Kansas on May 21, 2015