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Chefmaster Red Liquid Candy Color, 2 Oz

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Not a bright red This was the last item I received! I was already upset because the delivery date kept being pushed back without any communication from the company. When I called to see what was going on the representative I spoke to was rude and short. I was excited to finally get it right before Valentines Day. However, the red is not a true red color. I thought maybe a didn't put enough or I put too little in the chocolate but nope. I am disappointed. I had to end up using candy wafers to achieve a bright red
By LeKeshia Glover, Florida on February 20, 2021
The best liquid candy color, I have been using Chefmaster Liquid Candy colors in my candy store for 33 years, and it is the BEST candy color. I have recently tried other colors since it is getting harder to find, but they cannot compare to Chefmaster. I must say the service was very fast and excellent.
By Norleen, Arkansas on March 15, 2016
I love them I purchased several colors and they are so good!
By LIJUN LAN, NY on October 3, 2015