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Celebakes White Sugar Crystals, 16 oz

Larger grains than those of sanding sugar

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Crystal Persuasion This item can be used directly from the package if desired because you do not need to sift contents to remove impurities....The quality is A-1 and the crystals are perfect for enhancing those favorite cookies and bars.
By BC, Minnesota on February 12, 2023
So happy Great price for excellent product
By Herself4455, Wa on November 17, 2021
Sparkling Sugar Crystals Excellent product and an excellent price.
By Laura, Tennessee on February 10, 2021
Perfect My order arrived very quickly. The product is exactly what I wanted. I will definitely order from Bakedeco again.
By Christine John, Ca on August 5, 2020
Love it I use it for a frozen cake theme and dye the crystal light blue with gel color. It turned out really nice.
By Chef Charlene, MI on January 27, 2020
A sweet deal This is the sugar you should get if you want sanding sugar. The crystals are bigger, which will give you that satisfying 'crunch' when used on cookies, fruit pie crusts, or anywhere that calls for topping with sanding sugar.
By Mike, CA on September 19, 2019
Awesome Love this sugar. Give a great added texture to a soft cookie like Ricotta Cookies with Icing. Great crystal sparkle too. Thanks!
By Johnjohn, Indiana on October 24, 2018