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KREA Swiss cM20 chocMELTER Manual Chocolate Tempering Machine, 44 Lbs (20 Kg)

120V (US)

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4 stars - (2 reviews)

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Performs as Described. We purchased this item to keep a constant ready pool of molten chocolate for dipping a product. I'm sure this isn't the usual call of duty for this machine, however it performs excellent for what we need. My only gripe is the poor fit of the pan into/onto the machine. It's kind-of nagging to be adjusting 40-pounds of chocolate so that the pan fits straight, you can never find that "sweet spot" and the pan will be listing, leaning or tilting in some direction.
I wouldn't let this stop you from making the purchase, however this poor fit prevents me from giving a "perfect" five-star review.

As a note, this was purchased after having bought a different melter. We run a commercial kitchen, and the ease of cleaning, the stainless steel construction and the overall feel of this unit lends itself to fit in a commercial environment.

By KeyimeSteve, NY on April 8, 2016
Works Very Well but... Great to have this piece of equipment for our needs, dipping a frozen product stuck upon a stick. We always have enough for a run, and if we need to add to the chocolate pool the melting time is rather quick. My only complaint is that the pans do not fit as well as they could, not "nesting" in a very confident way. I always seem to be micro-adjusting the pan to try and get it level to the machine.
By KeylimeSteve, NY on January 9, 2016