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Production Cookie Cutting Sheet, Dog Bone 1-5/8"

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Good in theory The theory is great but so much space between the cookies (required for the design to work) it takes too many times rolling out. My dough dried out and was not the correct consistency for this cutter. It was easy to use though. I bought 2 and cannot use either of them with my formulation. I'm so sad
By KB, Ohio on December 16, 2020
Production Sheet These are okay for what I need. Problem is if they bend too much (just like a gentle bend to push out dough), eventually they crack in the biscuit portion of the cutter and dough is more of a challenge to get out of the cutter. I wish they were a little tougher. I can't find anything like these anywhere. So I do order more of them at once so I can stay productive. They are a bit of a challenge to clean. I don't do a hot water rinse. I learned the hard way they cannot handle high heat water dishwasher either.
By Mitzi, Mi on June 25, 2020
Doggies are happy! ...... After making dog cookies by hand and cutting each one...this cutter cuts time.....after cutting first round lift dough and move over openings again....you can get two rounds per the dough you roll out.....
By Tammy, TN on November 18, 2019
Major time saver! I'm so excited I decided to buy this because it has saved me so much time cutting out my dog treats! It makes just the right size and the best shape bone! The plastic is super sturdy so I never feel worried about really leaning into it to cut. The clean up on it is so simple because hardly anything sticks to it. Again, sooooo glad I purchased this!
By Elise Van, Massachusetts on October 7, 2019
Big Time Saver I was looking for something to save time from doing one treat at a time. This was the perfect solution. Even though most of the time I don't use the full sheet I can stamp out 30-40 bones in the time it took to do 1. I can fit 96 of these on each baking sheet so I can fill a sheet very quickly. These treats are slightly smaller than the single cutter but not enough to worry about. This should cut a couple of hours off the time I spend each day in the kitchen next a hot oven.
By David Cripe (Uncle D), Indiana on July 13, 2019
Awesome! Love it!
By Vickie Carden, KY on April 23, 2019
Dog treat bakery This has changed the way I can produce!!!!!! I followed the suggested way of using it and all the tips really helped! I will be buying more!
By Mishelle Hoffman, WA on July 28, 2018
Product OK Product good but communication from company terrible, very bad attitude
By Anonymous, Florida on June 25, 2018
Just what I was looking for! This product is fantastic! It is so easy to use with the different types of dough we use. For some dough we use as directed and place the dough on top and roll with the rolling pin. The bones fall right through, no extra flour required. For our more delicate dough we use the cutter upside down and press it into the dough. Then shift it over and press again, getting double the bones.I will definitely be ordering the other sizes.
By Jennifer, Ontario on April 23, 2018
Waste is huge! The cutouts are really far apart and neither are they nested in any way. This creates a great deal of waste.... like upwards of 50% that needs to be re-rolled and cut.... and repeat. This item saves no time nor labor.
By Ember R, California on April 2, 2018
Not Sure.... I'm not sure why people are having such a difficult time with these. Actually I found it much easier to roll the dough out and place the sharp side down on top of the dough. Then with this particular mold, I can shift the mold and fit twice the amount of biscuits on a single roll out. Love this mold!
By Mitzi, Michigan on November 27, 2017
Not what I expected The construction is flimsy.

Not at all what I expected.
The typical dog treat dough is thick and many times has rolled oats. These cutting sheets will not cut through the dough. Going the other direction and pressing the dough over the cutting sheet is the same problem. These are a complete waist of money. I can not think of a better was to make them worth the time and money. Finally, the pattern is really spread out and creates alot of wasted time re-rolling dough even if you would want to fight the dough through the cutting sheet. IMPOSSIBLE TO USE.

By Shelly L Eng, IL on October 30, 2017
dog bone fast I like this sheet, however it does roll around when I am trying to roll the dough over it. Also you need the full sheet pan for these. You will be using alot of cookie sheets. I combined alot on one pan then baked.It does save on your hands, I used to use a single cookie cutter
By Trudi Lloyd , MN on August 6, 2017
Doesn't cut What I thought would be a time saver actually takes longer to use than individual cutters. These don't cut well at all. Very frustrating!
By Patty S, Ohio on June 13, 2016
wish they were a bit bigger These bones are a little too small and there is too much space between each bone. there could have been an additional bone per row. i love their other cookie sheets and wish i had ordered the next larger size.
By Jessie, Colorado on July 8, 2015