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Production Cookie Cutting Sheet, Dog Bone 2-1/2"

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3.4 stars - (7 reviews)

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Pretty good until the centers break The straight tabs that connect the curved ends of the bones end up breaking after about two months on all of these mats, especially the small bone size. This product works pretty good until then. I have never had one last more than 3 months at most.
By Charity, Kansas on July 3, 2019
Production Cookie cutting Sheet, Dog Bone 2-1/2" We love the concept of the product, however we wish it would be made out of metal. The only problem we have with the plastic mold is that they tend to crack or chip.
By Gary Leathead, Florida on February 11, 2019
Not what I expected The construction is flimsy.

Not at all what I expected.
The typical dog treat dough is thick and many times has rolled oats. These cutting sheets will not cut through the dough. Going the other direction and pressing the dough over the cutting sheet is the same problem. These are a complete waist of money. I can not think of a better was to make them worth the time and money. Finally, the pattern is really spread out and creates alot of wasted time re-rolling dough even if you would want to fight the dough through the cutting sheet. IMPOSSIBLE TO USE.

By Shelly Eng, Illinois on October 30, 2017
Too much scrap The space between bones creates too much scrap. otherwise the product serves its purpose
By Amy, Illinois on March 14, 2017
Not working for us There is so much space between the openings that only a small amount of dough gets used each time. Most of it ends up between the openings and has to be rolled out again over and over to be used. We were really hoping it would work, especially considering the high cost, but it was a waste of money for our needs.
By H Wallis, VA on January 10, 2017
Makes quick work Light weight, durable and easy to use
By R. Mazza, New York on July 10, 2016
Gets the job done! This is a true time saver
By DebM, Nevada on April 16, 2016