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Matfer Black Steel Fry Pan, 11-7/8 inch

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4.9 stars - (7 reviews)

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Best Pan for Omeletes What an enjoyable experience to make omeletes with this pan. Once you have "seasoned" the pan according to DeBuyer instructions, it is soooo easy to cook an omelete or fried eggs as the eggs just slide off the pan. Treat this well and you will have beautiful omeletes. This pan is my new best friend in the kitchen! Gorgeous omeletes to keep my husband happy!
By Suzanne, New Jersey on February 9, 2021
Perfect Pan for Home Cook - Great Delivery Timing I've wanted a black steel fry pan for years. I saw a video on Youtube rating the Matfor Bourgeat fry pans as about the best available and I made up my mind to go for it.

As a pretty avid home cook I buy quite a few knick-knacks online from Webstaurant. They offer Matfor Bourgeat, but only in quantities of 6. I headed off to a few other sources including Amazon but, ultimately, got onto Ebay and found your listing.

You made this easy for me. Thanks very much! I ordered on Sunday with estimated delivery on 8/25. I got the pan an hour ago - a couple days in advance!

I will be ordering a larger pan soon, perhaps the 11.25", and I'll be getting it from you.

Again, Many thanks!!!

By Martin Tausz, Maine on August 29, 2017
Home cook Very good product, I have ordered a larger skillet also. Seasoned it and cooked eggs 2nd day......great.
By Randall, Texas on September 22, 2016
Steel FRY PAN Very good product & good service; I'm very satisfied.
By STAN, WA on July 1, 2016
Happy This is my second Matfer steel fry pan.

I'm happy with it's performance but after cooking in it twice the finish/patina is very eneven. It remains to be seen if it will become more uniform as I use it.

By Julie C, Pennsylvania on March 28, 2016
True to its reputation We followed instructions to season with potato peels, salt and oil, and worked like a charm. Our new favorite pan (amongst several All Clads). Warning: acidity eats away the seasoning. Cooks Illustrated warned about tomato sauce, but we used lemon juice and the same stripping happened. Kereke's has the fairest price around and was good to us.
By Susan, California on February 22, 2016
I'm Pleased with the Fry Pan Product performs as hoped, ansd we are most pleased with it.
By Donald MacKerer, Tennessee on January 14, 2016