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de Buyer 5680-32 Mineral B Pro Iron Frypan 32 Cm with Helper Handle

Stainless steel handle and helper handle

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5 stars - (7 reviews)

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perfect pan I have many kinds of fry pans, but this one and my new omelet one are perfect
By just a home cook, New England on May 19, 2020
Built to last a lifetime It's a solid, great looking pan, loving it's natural patina. I'm new to carbon steel cookware. So far it's been wonderful, far more nonstick right off the bat than I was expecting. Eggs were the second thing I cooked in it and it slid around the pan like it was an ice skating rink. Will definitely be ordering again when it's back in stock.
By JL, NY on May 14, 2020
My New Everyday Go-To Pan I love this pan. I've used it every day since it arrived and I don't see that changing. It puts a great sear on meat, is oven-ready, and cooks eggs...or anything else without sticking. What's not to like? It is heavy but that is also a sign of quality and the extra thickness (3mm vs 2mm) will prevent it from ever warping. I will buy more from this brand and from this seller. Both are highly recommended.
By Schultzie, Colorado on May 6, 2020
My 3rd de Buyer Pan The latest de Buyer purchase is best yet. The Pro series updated handles are more comfortable, stay cool longer, and much better looking than the regular Mineral B line. Outstanding value in cookware that is truly non-stick once seasoned correctly. Lifetime purchase and extremely happy with pricing and service from BakeDeco.
By arledgsc, CA on May 4, 2020
Best pan, EVER!! Love this pan.
By Jeanean Gordon, Virginia on November 7, 2019
de Buyer 5680-32 Mineral B Pro Iron Frypan 32 Cm Nice! doesn't stick even now before it is fully seasoned. even high heat.
By Bob Dobolina, CA on December 22, 2017
Add this to your cooking arsenal I did not buy my pan from this vendor. However, I referred this vendor to another on Chowhound as a source for this pan. As there were no reviews, I thought that I would share my experience with this pan.

I took the time to season this pan given the Volrath University exposition of using flax seed oil method.

I now consider this my pan of choice. This size pan is too heavy to do any tossing, etc for me.
It heats evenly, quickly, produces a beautiful sear. The seasoning has progressed to the point where eggs are virtually stick free.
My only regret is that I did not discover the benefits of these pans earlier! LOL

This is a lifetime pan.

By Leisa, VA on November 27, 2015