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Demarle Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat, 16-1/2" x 24-1/2" (Full Size)

The Silpat has been universally accepted as the #1 baking mat

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The Best Excellent , i use them for kneading isomalt to make sugar art.
By christopher medeiros, RI - Rhode Island on March 9, 2018
Cannot Review at the Moment Too soon to evaluate. I have been away and have not used it yet..

In General it looks like good quality and made durable to last

By Myra, Florida on May 17, 2016
Perfect I love this non stick mat! No need for non stick spray, everything comes off that mat lickers split!
By Trish, CA on February 9, 2016
Fantastically Great I purchased these for my wife to do baking on. She likes to make cookies, but dislikes having to butter and clean the baking sheets. These mats work perfectly for baking and cleanup very easily. She now uses them to bake cheesy and garlic bread that normally sticks and burns on the pan, but not with theses mats.
By Jerry, U.P. of MI on December 30, 2015
Very pleased I'm more pleased that I found BakeDeco.

The baking mat is wonderful, I used it last Saturday for the first time.

I was bent on having a wooden kneading board for bread, but this serves just fine.

I was concerned about the bit of oil from the sourdough if I would have used a wooden board -- but given this is a mat, that concern is gone.

BakeDeco I'm glad you all are here!

By Healed People, Heal People, Tennessee on April 11, 2015
The best thing to happen to the baking industry in a generation These baking mats are great, they save their cost times four ! They bake more evenly than parchment, save tons of cash, and much less bulk in the garbage can. They pay for themselves in no time.
If you are still baking on parchment, you are throwing money in the trash.

These baking mats are good for a couple thousand bakes!

By Marc jayson, Ct. on October 16, 2014
Revolutionized my Cookie Baking I've been lusting after these amazing no-stick mats for years and couldn't believe the price that Kerekes sells these authentic French silpat mats! I've never found them cheaper anywhere else (even off brand imitation ones). They are amazing to use...nothing sticks, I'm saving on parchment paper, and I'm baking a more consistent cookie...they brown up perfectly. I've been using them for months, baked hundreds of cookies, and they still look brand new. I'm so glad I bought them and need more for my new cookie sheets.
By Amy Kobayashi, Ontario on July 12, 2012
No stick every time The Demarle Silpat mats make is a must in every kitchen. This durable mat will ensure your baked goods are perfect when removing them from the pan. Wonderful with genoise cakes.
By Linda Rayburn, Ohio on July 12, 2012
I WON'T Bake without a Silpat! Professional results every time! I will not Bake without a Silpat. Cookies, cream puffs, whoopie pies, tuilles. Anything sweet OR savory. Roasted veggies, chicken, etc.
By Alicia Brown, Arizona on July 12, 2012
Cannot bake without this!!! This is an essential money and time saver. This is the best alternative to parchment paper. It is reusable and it is the perfect size of the pan. Nothing sticks to this!! You can also use these pads not only for baking but you can use it to make confections, candy / caramel apples, or even just to use to roll out cookie dough. It is a must have for any kitchen!!!
By Amanda Evans, NY on July 12, 2012
Love! This was the first one I purchased. I have heard lots of great things about them but you won't love it until you buy it and use it yourself. I am in love with this product!
By Marie, Michigan on July 12, 2012