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De Buyer Hemisphere Mold Half Round Stainless Steel, 2-1/4" x 1-3/4" High

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Great quality Good quality, sturdy, very clean and smooth surfaces. Great as chocolate or cookie mold.
By Saer, FL on December 14, 2017
Hemisphere mold half round stainless steel High quality, safe packing and fast shipping.
By Aida, FL on February 15, 2017
De Buyer Stainless Steel Hemisphere fits the bill I actually ordered the one a size smaller, then Bake Deco contacted me, asking if I would accept the next size up, since the ones I ordered were back ordered, possibly months away. So I said "Yes, as long as the price is the same." I was delighted they said ok (as this was my first purchase, I didn't want to commit to a larger spend).

Well, the replacement pieces showed up very quickly, and aside from the very basic packaging, the molds looked perfect! I gave them a decent cleaning in soap & water, and upon close inspection, look really well made. I've only done one bake since then, and they worked as expected.

So these are very decent products, at excellent prices, sales & customer service at the top rating. What else do you want?

By Warren Peace, CT on September 27, 2016
An Audiophiles saga This will be the most unexpected review you'll ever receive. I used the DeBuyer half hemesphere mold as part of a high mass, rigid platform to support a state of the art turntable. The structure is made up of a 3/4" slab of polished granite. The slab is 42x16" with a 1 1/2" skirt. The half hemespheres support the granite shelf in four positions 3" in from the corners. They are held in place by three small dots of Gorilla Glue. The result is a high mass shelf supported by four small points, dramatically reducing the possibility of resonance transfer from the shelf system into the turntables extremely sensitive stylus/ record interface. The net gain is greater information retrieval, and less loss due to external vibration. Much better sound, my ultimate goal. Sorry you had endure that, but I did warn you at the beginning. When your a lunatic audiophile, repurposing becomes a way of life.

The half spheres are consistently well made and finished. Exactly as advertised, and very reasonably priced. Well done.

By Beemian, CA on June 4, 2016