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O'Creme Silicone Truffle Mold, Square, 54 Cavities

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Perfect caramel size Haven't used this actual item yet. We do have the rectangle mold and love that. The square size will give us more control on size of our candies.
By Nancy A, WA on May 25, 2017
Problematic This isn't as good as the rectangle or the medallion molds by the same company. The inside is not polished/shiny like the other two but rather a matte appearance(at least not the one that I received). This makes demolding a problem for me. I made a batch of pate de fruits and poured half of the batch into the square mold and half into the rectangle mold. Those in the rectangle mold rectangle mold set quickly and popped out perfectly a few hours later. But those in the square mold wouldn't set fully and stuck to the mold, even a day later. I couldn't get them out other than throwing the whole thing into the sink and wash it out. I know it's not the recipe because the half of the batch that were poured into the rectangle mold had no problem at all.
By CA Homebaker, CA on January 7, 2017
Great product Very happy with the quality and fast shipping!
By Pure Lovin Chocolate, Canada on December 14, 2016