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O'Creme Silicone Truffle Mold, Round

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4.5 stars - (6 reviews)

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What a convenience! I didn't know if I'd like the silicone mold thing. But after just filling the cavities and throwing it in the fridge, which took about 1/2 hr less time, they popped right out perfectly shaped. I love it. I'll be making truffles for every occasion.
By GW, Oregon on December 23, 2018
Flat Tops I'm not happy with the way the bottom sinks so that the top of the truffle is flat instead of rounded. I am new to making truffles so maybe I can do something different to improve this. However, I liked the firmness of the truffle itself so the issue was not that the truffle was too soft. For the price I am disappointed that the tops are flat.
By Andy, PA on November 17, 2018
Game changer for Caramel Truffles! I have a home based truffle business and these are huge time savers when making truffles in bulk at home. Caramel would be impossible without these jewels!
By YaYas Trufflicious Treats, AR on November 16, 2018
Game changer! I love this product!. This product saves days of work for me.
By Judy S., AR on February 2, 2018
Game changer! I love this product! I just ordered 2 more to increase my truffle production. This product saves days of work for me.
By Judy S., AR on February 2, 2018
Perfect mini spheres! Love this as no one else makes a mini sphere which is between truffle-size and petite gateau. Easy to fill, pop out and super easy to clean. Very highly recommended.
By Bite size mini food, Victoria, Australia on December 14, 2016