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Polycarbonate Bonbon 2 pc. Magnetic Chocolate Mold. Each Bonbon 25mm Diam; 32 Cavities

Bonbon Magnetic Mold for the production of Professional Bonbons

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4.5 stars - (4 reviews)

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Retired baker I was happy with the product, however there were no instructions with the product. I was trying to make filled bon bons. Filled with anything, raspberry, choc mousse. I made them but not sure I did it correctly. But Im happy with the mold, I like the sturdy heavy duty plastic.
I would recommed this product.
By Russell, Florida on July 22, 2016
Tricky? Like it that there are 32 cavities unlike the others that only have 21. Somehow some of the chocolates seep through the sides despite the seemingly tight mold. Also curiously the top shows a protrusion as if to accommodate a lollipop stick. It may look great as Christmas balls decoration. Personally I wished it were flushed so the bonbon come out perfectly round.
By Choclove, FL on June 25, 2015
Excellent Buy This chocolate mold arrived wrapped in plastic and without scratches. The mold is of a high quality and a good value for the price. For anyone requiring a 2 piece magnetic chocolate mold, I would recommend this one.
By The Happy Chef, Texas on February 25, 2015
BonBon Mold Very nice mold which will be fun to fill with all sorts of wonderful fillings and have perfect one bite spheres.
By bcw, Virginia on January 23, 2015