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Vollum Brotform Round Proofing Basket with Linen, 10" x 4.25", 2 lb

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4.5 stars - (6 reviews)

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proofing baskets these turned out to be too big for the recipe I am using. My loaf uses half the amount of flour needed for the size basket I got.
By m, Maine on March 1, 2022
OUTSTANDING Product Well constructed and high quality. Breads come out nice, no issues with sticking as long as you flour it enough. As always, great company to do business with.
By Paul M, MA on February 23, 2021
Good product and great support I ordered the proofing baskets eight months ago when the pandemic was raging in NYC. These were not available anywhere. My baskets were backordered with no promise as to when they would be available, however the communication with Kerekes was excellent and I was confident my order would be filled. The baskets arrived this week and I am very pleased with the basket quality and the price. I cannot say enough about the customer service.
By Ray, CA on December 11, 2020
I love these! I had been using a very inexpensive brotform and had too many issues with them. I ordered 2 of these Vollum with the Linen Liners and they definitely outperform the others. Even using the liners you still get the perfect spiral design and ease of dough release. Why did I wait so long, arghhh!
By Mrs. Murphy, Washington on March 30, 2019
Great basket, slightly wonky liner Liner is a bit tough to get centered properly, but otherwise love this basket! perfect for sourdough
By rachel, PA on March 25, 2019
Great! Works great! Used it a few times so far. Excellent price. A little larger than I thought but I guess it's better than too small.
By Darryl, California on May 27, 2018