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Production Cookie Cutting Sheet, Dog Bone 2-1/8"

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POTENTIAL BUT NEEDS WORK I bought this so I could reduce time and increase production in my small dog treat business. Well..... jury is still out. It is win, lose. Easy to use with a learning curve. I bought one two years ago and tossed because I missed that you have to A. Roll dough B. Transfer dough sheet to cutting side of sheet. C. roll rolling pin over dough. Now, first and foremost, I had to take scissors and trim one row and some of sides off. Why make something that size that will not fit on a commercial sized baking sheet? Second, here's what worked but it is more trouble than some of you will want. A. Roll dough on silicone mat. B. Slide mat onto commercial sheet. C. Put another cookie sheet upside down on top. D. Hold securely and flip. E. Remove top sheet and mat. Voilla`. Third, trimmed to fit I get 49 treats per sheet whereas normally I get well over twice that on. Fourth. I do save time cut but reduce the savings by increased number of sheets baked. Last...overall this is best for private use, a bit of indecision here for my usage. For easiest results get a sturdy pair of scissor. It has good potential.... not ready for prime time yet.
By vric3, Georgia on July 21, 2018
Production Cookie Cutting Sheet Dog Bone 2-1/8" Good product but would have been better if the molds were closer together.
By Ann Mills, Outside Australia on June 22, 2018