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ChocoMaker Vanilla Fondue, 2 lb.

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Excellent Customer Service Julie Fleischman, in servicing and sales, helped me address all of my concerns and needs for my order. She was very professional and worked in a timely manner. I will continue to be a repeat client with Bake Deco.
By Ruby with Cake Ball Wishes, Texas on October 11, 2019
Vanilla Fondue I have been purchasing from Party City and noticed that the consistency of the melts were constantly changing. One bag would melt smoothly, color was white, and another bag would not because they were whole melts instead of halves and the color was off white and yellowish. I decided to try purchasing from Bake Deco and my first order was perfect melts, just they way they should always be and as white as can be. The box arrived pretty beat up but the packages inside were fine.
By Cake Ball Wishes, Texas on March 7, 2019