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Hobart 10 Quart C100 Mixer, Used Great Condition

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Used Hobart C100 BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE: Kerekes/BakeDeco customer serivce is the best ever. I spoke with Julie and Malky and both were so pleasant and helpful in correcting a mistake I made during the ordering process. They were beyond helpful, and I'l forever be grateful to them. That said, I love this mixer. It does a great job incorporating ingredients quickly and well. With it I've been able to increase batch size saving me time. It's hard to believe how well it works, considering the age. Hobart told me they stopped making this mixer in about 1985, so gee whiz, it's at least 35 years old, and it works like a dream. That said, I've found a couple of solvable issues. A) It really blows drys all over- flour, cocoa powder and so on. I can't find a splash guard for the mixer, so I'm trying a couple of McGivers for it, and am certain I'll have a solution soon. B) it's a bit rusty and peeling (as befits the age and status rating on the web site). Fortunately, the rusty parts are below the bowl level and I'm finding solutions for those,too. Thanks to Kerekes/BakeDeco, I now have gained efficiency. This Hobart machine is just the answer for my small cookie business.
By Diana, Nevada on February 3, 2020