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Silikomart SURPRISE Cutter Set

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Love, love, love this cutter! Bought one of these envelope cutters two years ago and made little Valentine decorated envelopes! Had so much fun making & decorating the cookies but also so much fun looking up love song lyrics and famous movie lines about love to write on the little parchment papers. Made so many cookies I wound up cutting up more food grade parchment to write more! Cookies were taken in to work and won a fun Valentine's Day cookie decorating contest. So, I decided to get a second cutter for friends to come over next year and help me cut out the cookies and let them decorate their own. This cookie cutter caused quite the sensation around our house & with friends with everyone wanting to see what was written inside their cookies and come up with their own ideas! If you're in to baking - I highly recommend! Would be adorable to do envelopes addressed to Santa too!
By Joy F., Colorado on April 19, 2021
Bought a second one of these envelope cutters just because! Love, love, love to make & decorate these cookies! They are actually requested of me each Valentine's Day! I win my husband's company's cookie decorating contest using this cutter. I put cookies in small metal Valentine mailboxes and deliver them to friends they are truly a hit! More fun for me is also looking up quotes about love and love song lyrics to write on the parchment papers. I start about the middle of January writing up the parchment slips - so easy to cut out with store bought parchment and a paper cutter when you run out of the ones that come with the cutter. A labor of love that I look forward to each year. GREAT cutter! Worth every penny!
By Joy in Colorado, Colorado on April 12, 2021
SURPRISE! : (( I love the cutter "set" and the idea, but once you used the papers which is part of the kit and charm that is it! No papers are available unless you buy another cutter set. NOT good!. why? it should be available. I contact Kerekes and I'm sad to inform you that the only option and the only solution that was given to me was to get another one. : ( Thank you, Sara! But no thank you! I am not happy now. I think if you buy the set the paper also should be available to replenish.
By Luz, CA on February 4, 2020
Exactly what I wanted I am very excited to use this cutter to make cookies for my co-workers for Valentine's Day. I was grateful to find that you carried it in stock. You shipped it so quickly and it was well packed. Thank you.
By Carol Bull, Ohio on January 25, 2019