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Henry & Henry Apricot Pastry Filling, 2 Lbs

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Apricot filling This brand of apricot filling I am using it to make kolacky but with Romanian twist. It is the only filling that does not run from the dough upon baking. It's wonderful. Too bad it's becoming so scarce and expensive
By Mary, Ohio on September 16, 2022
Apricot Filling Awesome Filling
By Urban Rogers, Texas on July 8, 2022
Fabulous - Fresh Bought for my mothers baking projects - HUGE payoff filling is wonderful Everyone in the family is benefitting.
By Ira Lanik, Massachusetts on May 6, 2022
The best I have used I purchased my fillings at a local mom pop grocery store in Ohio. Very good. Now I live in Florida and had to find an alternative - this apricot filling is far superior to the one I used in the past. Very flavorful and great consistency. I will most certainly use this filling for all future baking projects that call for it. Highly recommend
By Debby S, Florida on March 29, 2022
Apricot Filling in I used the apricot filling for Kolachky. They turned out delicious. I love the fact that I can freeze the unused filling for later use
By Mary Lou Rogala, MI on January 26, 2022
Pastry filling Apricot Loved this
By Carole, Ohio on January 11, 2022
Splendid Your apricot pastry filling was a wonderful find for me. The cookies I bake require pastry filling and we love apricot the best. Just like home made only better as my home made often expands too much. I passed my find onto my son and several friends. Thank you so much.
By Johanna, Illinois on December 31, 2021
Apricot filling This apricot filling is delicious I will definitely order more its so good On lots of things
By R. Foisy, Idaho on November 24, 2021
Yummy Great consistency and very flavorful
By Scott P Mouser, AR on March 6, 2021
Apricot Pastry Filling I've used this for many years and love it. It will last far longer than is noted on the packaging if you simply freeze it. It thaws easily and is just as fresh as the day you get it.
By Gerry Adkins, FLORIDA on April 29, 2020
YUMMY The apricot preserves make my cookies even more delicious. I found my new go to place!!!
By Gracie, California on December 9, 2019
Apricot pastery filling Just made my first batch of apricot pastries. The filling met all my expectations. Hoping to get started on the other fillings I ordered.
By Louise DeCrevel, Florida on September 27, 2019