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Henry & Henry Strawberry Pastry Filling, 2 Lbs

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Exactly what I needed I was doing a cookie table for my daughter's wedding and ordered strawberry apricot and apple filling bags. I had no idea how much 2 pounds was and way over ordered. First it all came quickly wonderfully packed and ready to use. To give anyone an idea one strawberry packet made 100 Linzers and 100 Kolachky. When baking they didn't run out the ends but held their shape and tasted great Got many compliments. Definitely the perfect choice.
By Nancy M, [email protected] on May 3, 2024
Delicious Great products.
By Bruce Allen, PA on April 14, 2023
Yummy Strawberry Filling I used the strawberry filling along with fresh strawberries and whipped cream to fill a strawberry shortcake. It was so good I've made a cake weekly ever since.
By Cela, California on August 19, 2022
Amazing This is my go to filling and flavor Ive even used it inside if my Icing for a Strawberry Icing Flavor.
By Tee, NYC on April 9, 2022
Strawberry pastry filling The strawberry filling I bought to make kolachky was delicious!!
By Phyllis DeMarchi, Illinois on December 25, 2019