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Chocovision Chocolate Dipping Tools, 10-Piece Set

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Owner Outstanding, per usual! Sincerely zivachocolates.com
By Julie Whitcomb, Denver - Colorado on February 28, 2013
So-So The tines broke off 2 of the smaller forks, something that has never happened with my older set. (The style with the cream-colored plastic handles.) The largest loop size is great, though. I wish I could just purchase more of those and not the other things, which I do not need.
By Janet, ME on December 21, 2012
perfect price Deffinetelly I got the best price fot this 10 piece set, plus the quality I got on this product it is been so far the best experience and no doubt the best price, totally recomend to buy the the set instead of buyin a pair or a single
By liliana janette penaloza pena, california on July 12, 2012