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Ateco Spatula Wooden Handle Offset Blade

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Nice Works nicely for my needs.
By Mary, Texas on May 1, 2021
Works on so many desserts! I have several "" OFF Set "" Spatula's and they are great for the obvious...Frosting but are excellent for spreading my chocolate bark before it sets. The Off Set is my favorite because I use it for a lot of products I have on half sheet Pans. Works great every time! Ateco is one of my all time favorite Brands because, again....quality! They have not changes selling good quality since I started using them over 30 years ago. As long as they keep selling great products...I will continue to keep buying them. !! Thanks!
By Eileen, CA on February 13, 2021
Love this Love the Spatula specially the wooden handle.
By Petit bonbon, California on November 23, 2020
Great service! Exactly as described. I'm very happy!
By June, Indiana on September 21, 2019
Perfect Size for Cupcakes Needed a smaller spatula for kid sized hands and cupcakes. This is perfect!
By Cathy, Michigan on September 15, 2017
Great Tool Good for frosting the sides of layer cakes. Works much better than one without the offset.
By Jeanne, Virginia on January 11, 2015
Ateco Spatula, Offset blade Excellent quality product. We have been looking for a spatula like this so that we can clean the sides when we are making a laboratory batch of latex paint in a quart bottle. This is the perfect solution. None of our laboratory supply catalogs have this spatula.
By Carl Thompson, CA on March 26, 2014