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Novacart Paper Disposable Loaf Baking Mold 6" x 2.5" x 2" High - Case of 1000

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4.6 stars - (21 reviews)

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Perfect Size Perfect size for gift giving my favorite banana bread for the Holiday Season.
By Diana, Florida on January 12, 2021
Great sizes for gifts Have been using these loaf pans for years. No complaints and I bake lots of nut loafs for gifts every year.
By Nancy Walsh, New Jersey on November 18, 2017
Baking less strong and durable
By Ronit, Oklahoma on January 17, 2017
Canadian West Coast Product is great....have used the disposable Loaf Baking mold for past 5 years. I definitely recommend this product. The cons for me were the shipping charges & customs
By Canadian Baker, British Columbia, Canada on December 2, 2016
Holiday giving treats Have used these molds for years to bake and ship my holiday nut breads. They are a perfect size for holiday giving.
By Nancy, New Jersey on November 21, 2016
Ideal for gift giving... Love this disposable loaf mold, it is the perfect size for gifting homemade breads and treats. It holds up well in baking and retaining the proper shape.
By Mermer, Southern California on September 27, 2016
Perfect Perfect Quality and durable material.
Thank you
By Debbie Mazur, Georgia on September 12, 2016
Perfect size! Love this size loaf pan, perfect for gifts and I get two loaves of bread from one regular recipe. Sturdy construction and holds up well to thick batter. Would buy again!
By Mermer, California on March 24, 2016
Very Satisfied I am truly pleased with the loaf molds. Will be ordering again.

Wish the PM260 was about an inch or so wider.

By jcandcakes, Ga on March 16, 2016
Really like these These bake-n-ship loaf pans are great. Sturdy, no melted butter spots coming through, etc
By Maggie, GA on December 23, 2015
Bread pans This product is terrific! Very durable product.
By Sharon, Hawaii on November 20, 2015
novacart disp baking mold Definately will not use this one as the walls of the mold bowed outwards
By Troy, Oregon on November 13, 2015
Love these for Quick Breads! These are the perfect size for my quick breads. I bake the breads right in the mold, and they do great! They're perfect for selling in bakeries or giving as gifts.
By Allison Davis, Tennessee on August 18, 2015
More than O-K We purchased the Novacart Paper Disposable were used as a substitution because the pans normally used were out of stock.

They worked fine and would have received 5 stars, but we had to use a nonstick spray.

By Southern Larder, TN on August 12, 2015
LOVE THESE! This is the third time I have purchased these to bake 100+ loaves of pumpkin spice bread. They do not require prep, they bake evenly and can be handled right out of the oven. PERFECT! Thank you.
By Keelowitt, California on December 10, 2014
Loaf pan loafing... This is a great idea for making items to gift to others, but do not overfill this size, the sides do not hold up and the batter overflows onto the cooking tray you've hopefully placed under it! What a mess! So disappointed, will be extremely careful in the future and not fill the way I'd fill a metal pan of this size. I like to have "healthy" size loaves to give away, but with this particular size they will need to be smaller. 😟
By Mer, California on July 11, 2014
Wonderful to bake in these. I love the size and ease of baking a loaf of quick breads in these.
By Sheila, NY on November 1, 2013
Very useful These are so handy for many uses. I have never had a problem with leaks through the bottom. I freeze meatloaf in them and in fact add more holes to the bottom so the loaf is not too watery. Perfect for gift baking.
By Mama Chef, Canada on September 20, 2013
perfect The fact that it is also Kosher is perfect, and I love baking in it. It is a great product.
By Ronit, Married on September 10, 2013
Wonderful product It is a Fantastic product! I highly recommend it.
By Bashe, TX on September 10, 2013
Nova cart paper loaf pan Sadly I was very disappointed in this product, it leaks! I have to line my baking sheets to catch the huge mess it makes. After baking the pans are soggy and very flimsy. I like the size for retail but wish you would strengthen the material. i'll try them next time with less runny batter
By Annamarie - Baker Re, Il on June 5, 2013