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Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Square Cake Pan 2" Deep

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5 stars - (10 reviews)

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Fat Daddios Amazing pans and LOVE how fast you guys ship Thank you so so much for all that you do you guys are SO appreciated
By Candida Holtzclaw, North Carolina on July 24, 2023
Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Square Cake Pan 2" Deep Loved the website, the free shipping, and finding almost everything I needed at a great price. Hope you get the 8x8x2 Fat Daddio sooner than it says on the website. Would love to get notifies when you do!
By Patricia, CA on March 5, 2021
Purchase these pans - FROM BAKE DECO!!!! The perfect combination of a great baking pan and a terrific retailer. If you need help or assistance, a friendly and knowledgeable employee will help. Shipping is speedy and I couldn't ask for more when shopping online. I'm a return shopper and a non-professional; just a home cook. Lois
By Lois Gehl, Kentucky on March 31, 2020
Exactly What We Wanted This pan is excellent!!! The square corners and bottom make for precise product cuts and no wasted goodies. This pan baked evenly with a beautiful result. My wife will not bake in any other pan. Now we can get 64 "true" 1"x1" squares of white chocolate cherry fudge. Perfect!
By Stephan R., Texas on February 15, 2017
Fat Daddio's Anodized 2 inch Aluminum Square Pan Very happy with my purchase.
Excellent quality.
By artisanchefmm, Puerto Rico on January 29, 2017
Aluminum Square cake pan excellent quality!!
By Isabel de Castro, Florida on February 17, 2016
***** Perfect ***** I love the two Anodized Aluminum square cake pans that I purchased. They are nice and sturdy made of excellent quality. I rate the product ***** five stars. Highly recommend those who are serious about baking to purchase these pans.
By Chandra, NJ on August 7, 2015
High Quality means Loyalty I've used Fat Daddy pans for years and refuse to use any other! They stay sturdy and strong while others bend and warp.
By Chef Robert Teddy, Nevada on April 30, 2015
Unusual application This pan was ordered to fit into a kitchen cabinet to serve as a drip pan for an 18" diameter water heater, with room for the drain valve in one corner and a leak detector in another corner.
The pan is very sturdy, and the anodization looks perfect. The pan was well packaged, so it arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It obviously would also work well for baking cakes.
By Ron, Virginia on December 16, 2014
Heavy professional pan Fats Daddio square cake pans are heavy and create nice straight corner which help eliminate extra waste when trimming up cakes.
By Linda Rayburn, Ohio on July 12, 2012