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Ravioli Maker, Makes Twelve 2" Squares, Non Stick

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Make Ravi's This is my second ravioli maker and it is perfect. Exactly what you need. Add the small wooden rolling pin and a cutter and you are all set. Great vendor experience, too!
By Tom, Maryland on August 10, 2020
well worth it product did exactly what it is supposed to do. It does take a little practice but overall, it works great. Well worth the price.
By Terry B., Florida on July 22, 2014
Uneven The metal tray is uneven, which makes it difficult to roll with the rolling pin provided. You cannot do one straight, easy roll over the entire tray. Each "line" needs to be rolled over individually. The outer edges seem lower, or angled more than the rest. Overall a good product but could be improved.
By Victoria, CA on November 17, 2013
Love it I bought this to make gluten free ravioli for my daughter. Gluten free dough is very hard to work with (at least for me it is). This tray / cutter made it so much easier. I just love it.
By Amy, Minnesota on March 18, 2013