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O'Creme Ravioli Maker, Makes Twelve 2" Circles

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Completes my set I have other ravioli makes, and this one works in exactly the same manner.
By J. Bienieik, Georgia on December 16, 2015
Made some good ravioli I bought this because I've been making ravioli for about a year now with a square shaped mold. The squares have a lot of excess pasta around the outside, so I wanted to try a round mold. My raviolis came out great!
My only concern is that the edges in the middle of the mold don't cut out so well with the rolling pin, and my rolling pin is marble so it has nothing to do with how heavy it is.
The last thing you want to do with fresh pasta dough (especially when there's filling involved) is pull and stretch it. I had to pull the center edges apart; that being said, I didn't have a problem with it stretching, but I also had a particularly dry batch of dough that time.
Anyhow, hopefully I never run into the problem of having to stretch the dough to separate the raviolis, because otherwise, I'm very happy with this purchase!
By Mae, Washington on November 16, 2014