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Victorinox Cutlery 8-Inch Curved Breaking Knife, Black Bibrox Handle (40537)

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Lasting quality knives I started a career in the professional charter boat business in 1974 in Pompano Beach Florida at the age of 28 years old. Another captain sent me to the local tackle bait shop and told me to buy several Forschner knives for skinning filleting and steaking the various fish we would catch offshore. I actually STILL HAVE THREE of these knives today 2-28-2023. I have used them in my daily life for cutting beef fish sausage and whatever needs cutting and they are still awfully sharp. I was taught how to properly sharpen them and they hold a good edge to this day. Plus they have never rusted because I wipe them dry and lightly oil them after use. AMAXING KNIVES I'll never need any other knives in my life and I will leave them to my 32 year old son who is quite an angler. They cost me probably 7.99 in those days almost 50 years ago Now that's quality.
By George Ross Scott, Virginia on February 25, 2023