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Novacart OP180 Optima Disposable Loaf Baking Mold 7" x 3-1/8" x 2 3/16" High - Pack of 12

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4.8 stars - (13 reviews)

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Good Product I've been using Novacart disposable loaf pans for several years. I don't even look at anything else Bake Deco has provided excellent customer service too. Highly recommend both.
By Mr. Sourdough, WY on September 15, 2022
Excellent I was looking for a way to give customers a fresh-baked experience at home. I'm picky, so I wanted to make sure their experience was as trouble-free as possible. I tried a couple of other products and then this little gem caught my eye. Boy am I glad. The dough does not stick and the bread bakes like it's a stoneware loaf pan. I'm extremely pleased with this product and highly recommend it.
By Mr. Sourdough, WY on August 12, 2021
NOVOCART Optima disposable loaf baking mold Makes baking a joy. When presented to someone it is a truly special gift that will be remembered...The best!
By thomas, maine on August 1, 2018
baking pretty strong for disposable
By Ronit, Oklahoma on January 17, 2017
Baker Great product.
By Cassandra, WA on March 11, 2016
Outstanding! This is the second year I've ordered these loaf baking molds. They are fantastic! While lightweight, they are sturdy and hold up perfectly.
By Carleen, Illinois on November 6, 2015
Perfection These disposable pans make baking easy and gifting even easier. They're wonderful!
By Marcia, IL on July 23, 2015
Satisfied Customer they were perfect, exactly what i wanted. worked with my fruit cakes, which is a heavy batter.
would order them again.
By charles, michigan on November 21, 2014
perfect I enjoy baking in it.
By Ronit, Married on September 10, 2013
Great cost savings I like to bake quick breads for birthdays and Christmas gifts. Not having to grease and paper dozens of pans, and then wash those pans, saves such an enormous amount of time. And even with high shipping costs the price per amount is so much less than finding small numbers of similar items in specialty stores. I like the size but they are slightly smaller than any of my recipe's single loaf amounts so I usually double the batch and these are then perfect. The slick interior is perfect for sticky or glazed breads and everyone comments on how it looks like they've come from a professional bakery. Well, other than the clear wrap cover!
By Annie, Missouri on August 3, 2013
What a Time Saver! I love this product! I have a small bakery and bake many pound cakes, cinnamon bread and other loaf cakes. With this mold I don't have to wash pans all day. When baked, I just wrap in plastic wrap and slip the cake into a cellophane bag. Looks great!
By Linda, North Carolina on July 2, 2013
Perfect individual mac & cheese server I used these to cook up individual servings of Mac & Cheese that were baked and could be reheated. They were perfect. They could be reheated in either a stove or microwave.
By Bill W, Vt. on June 28, 2013
Very sturdy This is a strong mold, I prefer the softer molds so that it is easier to rip the sides off when slicing the bread. Wish I had bought the other kind.
By Sheila Vasata, New York on June 18, 2013