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Fox Run Pie Crust Shield

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Worse than nothing at all This is an awful product. It is actually worse than letting your crust go naked. When I used this so-called "protector", the edge got brown to the point of burned and it crushed the edging crimping, presumably when the dough warmed in the oven and gave way a bit to the weight of the "protector." Over the years I've baked tons of pies with homemade butter & shortening crusts. I usually make a homemade edge protector out of aluminum foil that I leave on until the last 10 minutes of baking, although occasionally I get lazy or in a hurry and don't do this, so I'm well-familiar with how the edge of the crust looks with foil (no browning at all) and nothing (some browning but not close to burned). Save your $6 for 3 Lotto tickets. Or literally anything else you can think of.
By Becky, WA on January 22, 2019
Pie crust protector Great price and they work great. Wish they came in 12", I would have bought two of that size also. Glad I found their website. Thank you, Eric Shaw
By Eric Shaw, PA on December 6, 2018