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Americolor Super Black Soft Gel Paste Food Coloring, .75 oz.

Americolor Super Black Soft Gel Paste Food Coloring, .75 oz.
Soft Gel Paste™ represents a completely new approach to food color formulation, delivering superior results over conventional food colors, especially when coloring icings and whipped toppings


Americolor has unequaled coloring strength amazing Soft Gel Paste colors.

This coloring has the power of a paste in an easy-to-use gel.

Soft Gel Paste in packaged in convenient squeeze bottles with a flip-top lid.

By mixing and measuring using drops of Soft Gel Paste, you can achieve precise, easy-to-repeat colors every time.

State-of-the-art food technology gives Soft Gel Paste many advantages over other food colors.

Color molecule encapsulation creates a barrier that greatly reduces any aftertaste, while dramatically reducing fading.

Soft Gel Paste's superior formulation can withstand the harsh freeze/thaw cycle without color bleeding: Frozen cakes that are set out at room temperature will form condensation. Soft Gel Paste will not run with the moisture like other food colors. This technology controls fading to less than 20 percent, even in extreme conditions.

Soft Gel Paste will not break down icings, especially the more delicate non-dairy whipped toppings. That allows you to color non-dairy whipped toppings with deep, vibrant tones.

Soft Gel Paste, an effective coloring system: serious color for the serious decorator
  • Americolor is consistent from batch to batch
  • Coloring strength superior to any other food color
  • Does not separate or weep; does not harden
  • Base ingredients allow color to disperse immediately, resulting in less color used
  • Colors the more delicate non-dairy whipped icings and toppings without breaking them down
 Soft Gel Paste will color: bread dough, cookie dough, cake batter, whipped toppings and icings, buttercream icing, royal icing, rolled fondant, gum paste, marzipan and compound coating. Also color white chocolate by mixing Soft Gel Paste with Flo-Coat. Use your imagination. Soft Gel Paste will color just about anything you need to color.

Certified kosher by United States K of Los Angeles, California

Rabbi Yehudah Bukspan, Supervisor

Color Black
Americolor Super Black Soft Gel Paste Food Coloring, .75 oz. Average Customer Rating
4.7 stars - (16 reviews)
Good for anything except baking I like the color palette in Americolor. They could match any! On mousse cakes glazes, velour, fondant, and different creams they look really bright! My only concern - colors are fade after baking (macarons, sponge cakes).
By Alex, CA on July 21, 2018
works great for true black--turns tongue black I added just one drop to a small dish of dark chocolate icing and it turned a true black. Awesome! I had read that it turns the tongue black, so I tried just a tiny amount before piping tiger stripes on my cupcakes, hoping that would not be the case. Unfortunately, my tongue did turn black and it took several tongue brushings to get it back to normal. Decided to dump it and just go with dark chocolate tiger stripes. I can't imagine parents would be happy about their children eating this. Maybe only use for decorations that can be easily removed before eating.
By Grannh, CA on November 24, 2017
Great to brighten Vanilla Buttercream Need to keep this on hand at all times. It is a needed necessity when working with buttercream, which never seems to be a true white. With this White Soft Gel color, it corrects the problem with no issues. You get a real nice bright white!
By Simply Sweets, Michigan on September 30, 2017