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Satin Ice White Gum Paste, 2 Lb

Satin Ice White Gum Paste, 2 Lb
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  • Gum paste is a ready-to-use modeling/sculpting sugarpaste icing
  • It is used to produce life-like sugar flowers and leaves, elegant ruffles, character figures, and other decorative pieces with very fine results
  • The finished pieces will set hard, keeping their shape
  • May be stored at dry room temperature for long periods
  • Knead desired quantity of gum paste by hand on a smooth, clean surface until the desired consistency is reached
  • The gumpaste may be rolled or molded very thin
  • To prevent drying, always keep gum paste covered.

OK kosher certified  

In this video, a mixture of fondant and gum paste is used:


Type Gum Paste
Color White
Dimensions and Weights
Weight 2 lbs

Can you add liquid flavoring to it, such as lemon or vanilla extract, or oil base flavoring?
Yes, you can add flavorings to gumpaste and fondant. However I recommend using concentrated flavorings so that you are not adding much additional moisture.
If you add to much liquid, the paste will become sticky and hard to work with.


What is the Major Differences Between Gum Paste and Fondant?

Hi Beth.N,
The major differences between gumpaste and fondant is that Gumpaste will harden and stay in shape which therefor is typaclly used by decorators for flowers & characters and making figures and Fondant would not harden (at least not fast) which is why it's used by cake decoratorsmainly to cover cakes etc...

Another difference in the 2 is that Fondant has a sweet taste and Gumpaste is not that very tasty (which can also be the reason why fondant is made to cover cakes and Gumpaste onlyu for shapes)

Satin Ice White Gum Paste, 2 Lb Average Customer Rating
5 stars - (3 reviews)
Fantastic This is a wonderful product. Coming From a person that makes gum paste flowers all the time. I actually add a little bit to the fondant as well. It is a great product. nice and moist.
By Maryann E. Potter, OR on April 1, 2020
Gum Paste Enjoyed working with this product. Will order again
By Dotti, NY on June 16, 2019
Great Product I bought Satin Ice Gum Paste at Kerekes and love it. It's the best gum paste around. Very versatile.
By diane, new jersey on July 12, 2012
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Average Customer Rating
5 stars - (3 reviews)