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PacknWood Disposable Wooden Cone, 3.3" high, 0.25 Oz (7.4 ml) - Pack of 100

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  • 3.3 inches high, .025 oz.
  • Available in high bulk counts
  • Disposable and biodegradable
  • Suitable for hot and cold foods
  • Grease resistant

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These disposable wooden cones by PacknWood are great for serving hot or cold treats at festivals, amusement parks, parties, and more! These cones are grease resistant and perfect for holding fries, donut balls, chips, and other delicious foods. Provide an eco-friendly solution to your food serving needs with these biodegradable wooden cones. All cones are sold in small and large bulk sizes for commercial use at your next large event or in a restaurant setting!

Material Wood
Shape Cone
PacknWood Disposable Wooden Cone, 3.3 high, 0.25 Oz (7.4 ml) - Pack of 100
Average Customer Rating
(2 reviews)
Packen Wood Disposable Wooden Cones I did not care for this product and had to return them. The cones were extremely hard to separate and would crack or split trying to pull them apart.
By S. Stromp, Texas on October 1, 2018
Can't Beat them We use these for some of our desserts and love the way they look. They definitely give something different to our customers. I am a fan of the cones on this site because they are always high quality and aren't too pricy. We expect to order more in the coming months.
By Oscar Talts, SD on September 22, 2018