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So Good Magazine #27

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  • 304 Pages
  • English
  • Soft cover magazine

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So Good Magazine #27 

We are not going to tell you a story, we’re telling you 21. That is the number of articles that this new issue of so good..magazine contains. There are 21 exciting stories that speak of personal improvement, dreams come true, effort and sacrifice, tireless work, ideas, techniques, inspiration, and the desire to share with others what our 24 leading chefs exclusively offer us.

Do you know how to make a millefeuille with more flavor and crunchiness in every bite? Have you heard of the Balinese meringue, which is neither Italian, Swiss, nor French? Can you think of how to integrate two of the most iconic Asian flavors in a pound cake? Would you like to see Dubai at night through a bonbon? Can you imagine what the fusion between a gallete de roi and a mooncake would be? How do you make a ganache that stays “melty”, with a slight cold mouth feel? What do you think is the secret to making one of the spongiest Japanese roll cakes in the world? Do you want to know which pastry shop has become one of the main tourist attractions in a remote Russian city? Is there a device that allows you to imbue the aroma of wild truffle in a dessert? Can you prepare an apricot mousse as creamy as any other, but without using dairy ingredients? Have you ever wondered what Van Gogh’s Sunflowers hide? And how to invert an already inverse puff pastry?

Learn about these and many more stories, techniques, and curiosities in so good.. magazine #27.


Will Goldfarb - Haute pâtisserie in paradise

Mauro Pompili & Maya Sittisuntorn - Complex, beautiful and friendly

Philipe Vancayseele - Play and taste

Luis Amado - Safe flavors, ‘go wild’ shapes

Alexis & Manuel Bouillet - Thinking out of the box

Chong Ko Wai - Creativity or improvisation?

Jesús Escalera - Relaxed pâtisserie

Javier Guillén - Nonconformist

Maxime Gilbert - The culinary appeal of tarts

Jiro Tanaka - Be as creative as a pastry chef

Fabrice Danniel - Pleasure must change

Paola Chang - Third culture

Paco Pérez - A new skin

Dimitri Fayard - The highly trained trainer

Alexandr Donskov - A ‘brightness’ in the gateway to Asia



Francisco Migoya - The accordion

François Perret - Road inspiration

Dimitri Fayard - Mille feuille to the third power

Olivier Fernández - Twice inverted

Tanguy Coelis - A 100% artisan success

David Chamorro & Xavi Donnay - Aromas to the maximum

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So Good Magazine #27
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