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So Cool No. 1 Ice Cream Magazine

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  • English text
  • 306 pages
  • Published in 2023

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So Cool No. 1 Ice Cream Magazine

The best of the world's ice cream in so cool..magazine. Edited and Published by so good.. magazine

It was born with the objective of showing the most advanced works in the world's ice cream industry from a double perspective, technical innovation and creativity in its broadest sense (presentation and product concept). An international magazine, published annually and in English, which until a few years ago seemed impossible to imagine, everything was yet to be done in a discipline that had settled for a profitable bulk product by definition and in which nothing else was needed to seduce the most demanding public.

However, our experience in sweet gastronomy has given us the opportunity to be privileged witnesses of a notable and constant evolution in ice cream, which has currently led it to this stage of full maturity. It is the starting point of a magazine that selects the highlights of a product that is as versatile as it is gastronomic, as technical as it is creative, with an enormous potential.

The first issue of so cool..magazine gathers 20 great articles signed by 23 professionals from around the world, spread over 306 pages. An authentic festival of signature ice cream with technical articles on topics as varied as vegan frozen pastries (Jordi Puigvert); the possibilities of a new ingredient, green vanilla (Jordi Guillem and Eric Miete); ice creams made from the most complex wines of the DO Marco de Jerez (Carlo Guerriero); and the application of enzymes in ice cream (Albert Soler and David Gil), and more.

But we also review the most creative proposals in terms of presentation, ingredients, and product concept by Emmanuel Ryon, Luca Bernardini, Jérémie Runel, Jordi Roca, Jean-Thomas Schneider, Martín Lippo, Nils Hendrikse, Carolina Barragán, Pawel Petrykowski, and Cathrine Osterberg, among many others. Features, technical articles, interviews, step-by-step photos and a large number of recipes signed by the world's most prestigious authors await you in an unrivaled ice cream magazine. Welcome to the first chapter of a new love story with ice cream as the main star!

  • David Gil & Albert Soler - Enzimes. A new way of approaching ice cream.
  • Emmanuel Ryon - The class
  • Luca Bernardini - In defense of semifreddo
  • Joane Yeoh - Memorable experiences
  • Jérémie Runel - When creativity has no end
  • Carlo Guerriero - Capturing the essence of wine
  • Jordi Roca - The fun side of ice cream
  • Jordi Guillem & Eric Miete - Green vanilla Much more than just a spice
  • Jean-Thomas Schneider - ‘It’s important to inform the customer of the quality of our ice cream
  • Yoshinori Matsushima - The second stage of an ice sculptor
  • Martín Lippo - A radically different format
  • Pawel Petrykowski - Crossing the Atlantic
  • Javier Guillén - Sweet Monkey. The most generous ice cream
  • Carolina Barragán - The many faces of corn
  • Blanca del Noval - A new value for discards
  • Jordi Puigvert - Invitation to veganism in ice cream pastry
  • Nils Hendrikse - Creativity in the broad sense
  • Cathrine Østerberg The dialogue between science and creativity
  • Jhoan Indriago Signature ice cream in 7 m2

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So Cool No. 1 Ice Cream Magazine
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