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Vollrath Disher w/Color Coded Handle - #8

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4.8 stars - (6 reviews)

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Perfect for portioning Great product
By anon, Rhode Island on September 22, 2019
perfect cookies I can't make cookies without my "dipper". Even my grandchildren ask for it.
By Runabout, Iowa on January 23, 2019
Nice quality and size selectiom I was disappointed in that when the product arrived, I realized it is designed for a right handed person and I am a lefty. It was also the same size as one I already have. None of those issues are the fault of the company. I solved my issue buy giving it to my right handed daughter.
By Jack, Arizona on December 28, 2017
The best scoop I have used the smallest size available (purple handle) for years scooping out the perfect uniform cookie. Washes well in dishwasher or by hand. I would love to see a 1/2 oz. size made. Other designs in 1/2 oz. do not work well and are uncomfortable to use.
By L. Harlow, Michigan on May 25, 2015
Couldn't be happier! I've been searching for a decent small cookie scoop forever - every one I've tried has major design flaws, but this works perfectly. I love it!
By Elle H., CA on December 18, 2014
Awesome I use these for making cookies baking in camp kitchens. They are the best thing going for pumping out several dozen cookies at a time for hungry camp guys.
By Lianne, Alberta Canada on June 22, 2014