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MFG Tray Fiberglass Proofing Board 18" x 26" - 222008 5299

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5 stars - (3 reviews)

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2nd order of proofing boards... I wanted something that wasn't aluminum, and something that would hold up for various confections. These are great trays, easy to use, easy to clean and will use a lot more often.
By Dave, PA on November 10, 2019
Great trays for numerous reasons I was looking for a flat type tray, not aluminum baking sheets when I came across these proofing boards. They are nicely flat, work great and allow the air to circulate around our product.
By dromesburg, PA on August 11, 2019
A baker's must The texture is really good quality, and always clean! I think fiberglass is better than wood for bagel boards. When putting your bakery ingredients on it, it is so easy to use!
By tomsdonuts, TX on January 10, 2018