For pots up to 1 gal.

Cup included">


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Dynamic MiniPro MX070.1 Hand Mixer 7 Inch, 115V

Total length 15-1/2"
For pots up to 1 gal.

Cup included

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Defective out of the box, but great Customer Service I was excited to try out my new MiniPro when it arrived. So, I immersed the working end in water in a mixing vessel, and started at a setting of "1" I got nothing but a buzz from the motor. Moving up to "2" on the speed dial got me more buzzing, but no revolutions of the blade. Finally, at "3" the blades started to turn, albeit sluggishly. I went all the way up to "6" and was not impressed with the top speed, and when I dialed back, the unit stopped running below "3" I tried calling the manufacturer, Dynamic, at the N.A. HQ in Quebec. I was never able to speak with a live person, and was disconnected 3 times at the voicemail prompt. Fortunately, the folks at Kerekes were most helpful. I spoke with Carlos, and he agreed the unit was defective and that I should return it to them. Susan graciously sent me the RMA materials and the unit is on its way back. With Dynamic's pretty long history of quality immersion mixers, I'm pretty sure this was a one-off problem, but on the other hand, you might think that their QC would pick something like this up before it went into the box
By ceebee, WA on November 28, 2019