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Focus Food Service 13" Aluminized Steel Pullman Pan

Glazed surface of the pullman pan ensures easy release of baked goods

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4.7 stars - (3 reviews)

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Pullman Pan with Lid 16"x4"x4" I love my Pullman Pan! The loaves I have made have come out great, lid slides on easy and pan cleanes up well. Perfect! My family and I could not be happier with the breads I make in this pan. Bake Deco's price was good, quick turn aroung on the order and the pan is of excellent quality.
By Lisa D., Massachusetts on October 23, 2020
Another excellent Pullman Loaf pan Baked my first loaf and it came out perfectly. I had been using a competitor's pans and needed one of this size. Really well made, and the best part, it is readily available from these very nice folks. I purchased the pan and corresponding lid in the 16 inch size and also the pan and lid in the 13 inch size as a gift.
By jds, SC on January 18, 2019
Wobble The pan does not sit flat on a surface, instead it wobbles, which is a bit disconcerting.

It does the job OK, I just wish it could sit flat. It's so stoutly made that trying to twist the 'rack'out of the pan isn't worth the gamble.

By Chet, Montana on December 23, 2016