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Roll of Cake-Board Foil 20 Inch x 30 Feet, Silver

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4.6 stars - (5 reviews)

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Best looking boards Roll of cake foil is such a good product and it covers so many boards, creating a great presentation to my cakes.
By Carmen, AZ on November 10, 2018
this one arrived in fine condition this is the only 1 out of 4 that wasn't damaged
By Nina Phifer, IN on June 25, 2018
The best cake board covering! This is a great product! The best cake round/rectangle covering I have ever used! The supplier that used to carry it locally closed. I was so glad to find I could order it online!
By Becky Pratt, Ohio on June 23, 2018
Perfect presentation This is such a perfect product that makes the presentation of the cake professional, very strong would not rip at all, I would not use anything else
By Carmen Su, AZ on May 11, 2018
Okay l A little difficult to remove from the plastic but still okay
By Nferrer, PA on May 30, 2015