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ACMC Digital Chocolate Tempering Machine, 6 Lb. Capacity, 110V

Compact Chocolate Tempering Machine with digital temp readout

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4.5 stars - (4 reviews)

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faulty product I purchased the chocolate tempering machine but when it arrived the button on the front was broken. I had not even plug this unit in. The company sent me a new panel. When I used the machine it became evident the temperature control was faulty. ACMC was not willing to stand behind their machine but KEREKES BakeDeco did. I was very grateful to them.
By Jan, UT on December 12, 2022
Love the larger size I have only used the machine once. It was extremely easy to clean compared to my previous tempering machine. It was also much larger. I wish option 2 was listed first as I already had tempered chocolate and option 2 is much faster. If I had used more than once it may have gotten a 5 but not there yet.
By Linda, Montana on January 24, 2022
Great Machine. Very quiet. We bought this machine for our little dessert store to temper our vegan chocolate and it works really great. It takes about 20-25 mins to reduce the temperature from 104f to 84f. This is for 6lb of chocolate. Melting takes way longer but it's not an issue for us so we are happy.
By Mindiq, New York on July 13, 2020
Pretty good product This product is great for smaller batches, I can't see it really getting up to 6lbs but 4 for sure. It does hold temperatures well and makes a very shiny temper. :)
By Sandy, Texas on June 15, 2013