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So Good Magazine #28

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  • 316 pages
  • Paper back
  • English text

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So Good Magazine #28

The oven, lightness, latest techniques and ingredients, design come together in so good.. 28

The oven becomes the new epicenter of the pastry lab. This is demonstrated by great Parisian maisons such as the one directed by Maxime Frédéric and other talented figures such as Romain Dufour or Ju Chamalo.

Lightness also becomes imperative when we want to satisfy our gourmand desires. The latest techniques and ingredients that can help professionals in this task are being studied by Jordi Bordas and Adrianna Jaworska. And the most surprising designs, each designed for a different moment or concept, surprise us at the hands of Kirsten Tibballs, François Galtier, Rémi Montagne, Samira Saade, Marc Ducobu, and Spyros Pediaditakis. The Japanese contemporary pastry fest is led by Tomonari Kombu and Yusuke Aoki. The stories and reflections of Spyros Pediaditakis, Maxime Maniez, Philippe Conticini, Karl de Smedt, Aya Fukai, Meg Galos, and Genie Kwon complete our 28th journey of so good.


  • Kirsten Tibballs, 20 years writing the history of pastry in Australia
  • Maxime Frédéric, Sensitive generosity
  • Jordi Bordas y Adrianna Jaworska, The ambassadors of change
  • François Galtier, Animated pâtisserie
  • Dimitri Economides, The pastritect
  • Romain Dufour, Viennoiserie a step further
  • Francesco Boccia, Rational pastry
  • Maxime Maniez, Long live the classics
  • Samira Saade, Seeing Stars
  • Marc Ducobu, The guarantee of an emblem
  • Rémi Montagne, Ludique, mignon, gourmand
  • Yusuke Aoki, Innovation doesn’t need tools
  • Tomonari Kombu, The beauty of empty space
  • Spyros Pediaditakis, The boy with the notebook
  • Tidbits
  • Philippe Conticini, Praliné and 0.5% osmosis
  • Ju Chamalo, Applied ‘flanology’
  • Aya Fukai, Meg Galus & Genie Kwon, The road less traveled
  • Karl de Smedt, The protector of sourdoughs

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So Good Magazine #28
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accurate title Great recipes and awesome photos
By Maria K, michigan on December 15, 2022