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LorAnn Oils Red Velvet Flavoring Emulsion, 4oz

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Terrific! This was my second year using this flavoring. After the first year I came back for more. A plus to this is I no longer need to purchase food coloring. Wonderful flavor to my Red Velvet Cakes and Red Velvet Crinkle cookies.
By Bren, Louisiana on February 28, 2017
Red Velvet Super Flavoring This product gives great flavor to my baking, my daughters-in-law both enjoy this.

Why are we not able to find this in stores??

By Mary, FLORIDA on May 31, 2016
Red velvet emulsion Thank you for providing great customer service. It arrived very fast shipping is a bit expensive but I am happy to get the product.
By J.K.J, Mn on April 22, 2016
Wonderful This was the first time I have ever used an emulsion and now I'm hooked. I used the red velvet for cookies and it imparted the best flavor.
By Jen, Il on December 24, 2014
Lovely product Easy to use. Affordable and the cake turned out great. Had to use more than a tablespoon though.
By Mimi, Lagos on March 13, 2013